Andy on bus
Helping More Superintendent Adds Bus Driver to Resume

“I earned my CDL in the winter of 2020 to help on some special education routes and to drive sports teams to their events.” —Andy Ingall, former Superintendent of Grand Haven Area Public Schools

Aidan Palmbos
Ethan Doxey
Hopp and Land Marker
Commemorating More Remembering Hezekiah Smith

“What makes this collaboration even more exciting is this marker is the first-ever to link a QR code to an audio recording of a Michigan Historical Marker allowing individuals with visual impairments to learn about Hezekiah Smith and his contributions to the local communities.” —Rebecca Hopp, Teacher

student painting portrait
display of all portraits
student painting portrait
portraits close up
student painting portrait
girl painting portrait
student painting portrait
Growing More. Memory Project

“I can still see my students’ smiles, and feel their pride of accomplishment knowing their paintings made a difference in a very meaningful way.” —Michelle Fuller, Art instructor

girl reading at book table
class with books
students at long book table
class of students with books
students reading at book table
class of students with books
Reading More. Book Shopping

“We know that access to high-interest books makes a substantial difference for kids and families” —Rachel Postle-Brown, Ph.D, Principal


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