Ottawa Area Schools Are DEDICATED TO SUCCESS

Volunteering More. Gwen Luban

“Our goal is to have the kids come up with an efficient and effective way to provide food to all the families in Ottawa County. One of the students said, `We're going to be able to make a difference. We're truly going to be able to solve a problem that affects a lot of people.'” —Gwen Luban, Oakwood Intermediate School fifth-grade team leader

Treating More. School Nurse Program

“Our school nurse goes above and beyond her professional requirements, providing a helping hand and a listening ear to every student who requires her attention.” —Marcy Engelsman, 4th-grade teacher at Woodside Elementary School

Thriving More. Early On

“It amazes me that less than a year ago Marcy’s goal for Arlo was to have a fifty-word vocabulary and now we’re working on three to four-word phrases, and I can actually talk to my child,”  —Christina Threloff, parent

Teaming More. Ikidarod

“We spend a lot of time reading and writing about the Iditarod itself focusing on the enduring themes of perseverance, determination, dedication, and ultimately being willing to work hard even if we fail.” —Ben Braymer, Zeeland Public School Teacher

Sympathizing More. Pay It Forward Class

“They understand we’re dealing with real issues here and it really impacts them. It’s an emotional experience when the blinders come off.” —Brian Williams, Grand Haven High School

Succeeding More. Mentoring Program

“It’s great. We walk and talk about stuff. It teaches you life lessons. It’s changed my thinking about school.” —Jacob Smidt, Student

Sharing More. Girls in STEM

“STEM is very important to all the girls in our club, and we want to share that importance with young girls. We want to show them that it is cool, fun and rewarding.” —Megan TerHaar, Jenison High School Girls in STEM member

Respecting More. Wall of Honor

“It’s right there in the hallway where students can’t miss it. We wanted to do this to honor our alumni veterans, but also to help our students understand that freedom isn’t free and that a lot of sacrifice goes into keeping our nation safe and secure.” —Kathy Gomez