Ottawa Area Students Are COLLABORATIVE

Commemorating More
Ottawa Area Schools Are:CollaborativeDedicated to Student SuccessFiscally ResponsibleInnovativeSchools:Ottawa Area ISD
Remembering Hezekiah Smith

“What makes this collaboration even more exciting is this marker is the first-ever to link a QR code to an audio recording of a Michigan Historical Marker allowing individuals with visual impairments to learn about Hezekiah Smith and his contributions to the local communities.” —Rebecca Hopp, Teacher

student and elderly women huggingServing More.
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Spiritual Emphasis Week

 “Serve Day is an important day because it showed the world around us how God has impacted our lives. This special day shows the gratitude we have for what Jesus did for us on the cross.” —Tyler Bakhuyzen, 8th-grade student

Bridging More, two students looking into a machineBridging More
Ottawa Area Schools Are:CollaborativeDedicated to Student SuccessInnovativeSchools:Grand Haven Area Public Schools
PRIME Partnership

“We can put specific action steps to help close the skills gap and provide students with an amazing manufacturing lab and a specific curriculum for advanced manufacturing training while still in high school that can shape their future,” —Persoon, Shape Corp.

Applying More.
Ottawa Area Schools Are:CollaborativeDedicated to Student SuccessInnovative
FIRST Robotics Program

“This is not an academic program where academic means no practical experience or book smarts; this is an engineering internship where we take the classroom lessons and apply them to real physical problems.” —Ken Platteschorre, Holland Public Schools FIRST Robotics coach

Volunteering More.
Ottawa Area Schools Are:CollaborativeDedicated to Student SuccessInnovativeSchools:Allendale Public SchoolsOttawa Area ISD
Gwen Luban

“Our goal is to have the kids come up with an efficient and effective way to provide food to all the families in Ottawa County. One of the students said, `We're going to be able to make a difference. We're truly going to be able to solve a problem that affects a lot of people.'” —Gwen Luban, Oakwood Intermediate School fifth-grade team leader

Students listening as a teacher talksUnderstanding More
Ottawa Area Schools Are:CollaborativeInnovativeSchools:Zeeland Christian School
Holland Rescue Mission’s Daycare

“I wanted my students to recognize the world is bigger than just our classroom and school.”—Emily Sloterbeek, Teacher

Treating More.
Ottawa Area Schools Are:CollaborativeDedicated to Student SuccessInnovativeSchools:Ottawa Area Schools
School Nurse Program

“Our school nurse goes above and beyond her professional requirements, providing a helping hand and a listening ear to every student who requires her attention.” —Marcy Engelsman, 4th-grade teacher at Woodside Elementary School

Transforming More.
Ottawa Area Schools Are:CollaborativeInnovativeSchools:Allendale Christian School
Giving the Gift of Hearing

“It was so exciting to be a part of a life that has been changed,” says Julie. “The day the audiologist said that his hearing was at 100% is a day that I will never forget.” —Julie Van Oordt, 1st/2nd Grade Combination Teacher at Allendale Christian School

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