Our Story

Through the Doing More. Together. partnership, Ottawa area schools are collaborating with companies and organizations across the region to showcase the high quality education taking place in local communities. From faith-based schools to public schools and public school academies, all of us – through this unique affiliation – are united in the belief that high quality education is what makes good communities great.

Doing More. Together. is designed to engage individuals, families, businesses and communities, by demonstrating that Ottawa area schools have done – and continue to do – the important and necessary work of preparing our students for their future.

We are sharing real-life, and often untold, stories about our schools that demonstrate why education should be valued, and how students, community members of all ages, and businesses benefit from a strong school system right in our own marketplace and community. The Doing More. Together. partnership offers an opportunity for everyone in and around the Ottawa region to actively participate in sharing stories about the many positive things happening in our schools. By emphasizing the word "more" in our partnership theme, we illustrate that our schools go above and beyond the basic requirements of the education process – and will continue to strive to help our students achieve their dreams.

We are collecting stories from across the region that tie directly into our messages about how we are Doing More. Together. From Allendale to Zeeland and all our schools in between, stories are being captured on video and in writing, and shared with our communities in a variety of ways.

To continue our efforts, we need your help to actively engage education champions – chambers of commerce, colleges and universities, trade schools, community agencies, businesses, service clubs, and other economic development groups that see the benefit of highlighting the high quality education students receive in our region.

We invite you to share a story or two of your own through this website and learn about ways to partner with us.